the silence of the left

the silence of the left

Lindsey Eryn

you’re allowed to vote for who you want to—
that’s part of the privilege of living in a free country.

what astounds me though is that the left (so many biden voters) are completely silent, refusing to speak out against what joe biden has done and caused.

i don’t care if you voted for him, but how can you sit by in silence? not saying anything when so much damage has been done, 13 US service members lost their lives, and hundreds of not thousands are now stranded in afghanistan.

joe biden’s prideful, senile, and incompetent decisions have created havoc on not just America, but the world.

he pulled out of afghanistan without a proper plan in place, pulling out the military before citizens. according to the WSJ, the taliban offered biden control of Kabul and he refused, therefore giving control of kabul to the taliban. biden left $85 billion dollars of military equipment and therefore equipped the taliban with modern technology and weapons that will have a direct impact on the world at large. he trusted the taliban with a list of names of americans and allies and with “protecting” Americans at the airport. his incompetence to trust and group of people who have been our enemies for 20 years led to a terrorist attacking that killed 13 US service members. he has now abandoned hundreds, if not thousands, of americans, green card holders, and allies who wanted out of Afghanistan.

this is absolutely devastating.

social media explodes over every other issue,
but the silence of the left right now is deafening.

again, if you voted for him, that was your prerogative. you have free will and freedom of choice. but it’s also your choice how you react now.

leaders must be held accountable for their actions and decisions, even the ones we vote for. this president is no exception.

i implore you — search your heart. ask yourself why you’re staying silent about something that affects THE ENTIRE WORLD.

all of us should be asking for accountability.