act in faith, not fear.

act in faith, not fear.

Lindsey Eryn

the government is banking on you acting out of fear.

fear that you’ll loose your job.

fear that you won’t be able to provide for your family.

fear that you’ll be ostracized for your beliefs.

but, as believers, we have not been called to live or act in fear. we have been called to live by faith, not by what we see or feel— because fear always leads to bondage. it is impossible to act in fear and live in freedom at the same time.

the Bible says, “for God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind.” (2 timothy 1:7)

as believers, we have to be vigilant. the government is trying to play on emotions— hoping that people will comply with their tyrannical mandates out of fear, rather than taking a deep breath and thinking critically and remembering their God-given and constitutional rights in order to make rational decisions based on faith, hope, and truth.

in this season, more than ever, we have to take control of our emotions and actively fuel our faith— so that we can stand firm in our convictions and make decisions that are based on truth— not fear. we have to remember our God-rights and stay focused on what is good, pure, and noble.

remember: God almighty is your Defender, your Protector, and your Provider—not the government.

while chaos and evil ensues around us, we have nothing to worry about — WE KNOW GOD WILL TAKE CARE OF US. God always shows up faithful, God always provides, God always makes a way.

so, hold tight to your faith. hold tight to your convictions. think critically before you act, nor allowing your feelings and emotions to rule your life.

before you make decisions, ask yourself:

“am i acting in faith? or out of fear?”

if you’re acting out of fear, take a step back— assess things. recenter yourself in peace. ask the Holy Spirit to come fill you with wisdom, peace, and clarity. then, choose to act in faith.

God’s Word always reigns true, even in this season. he will not leave you or forsake you — trust in Him. rely on Him with all your heart and allow God to lead you in every decision you make. (proverbs 3:5)

no matter what the government does or says, you have nothing to be fearful of. the God of angel armies is on your side. so, don’t let fear cause you to surrender your freedom.

walk in faith.

be anchored to peace.

hold tight to hope.

God won’t let you down.


“so we are convinced that every detail of our lives is continually woven together to fit into God’s perfect plan of bringing good into our lives, for we are his lovers who have been called to fulfill his designed purpose.” (romans 8:28 TPT)